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3D Stereo Training

Ok. Not so easy is it?

If you have never looked at one of these 3D images before, it takes a special knack.

First of all, don't imagine things in the image. When you see the three dimensional image it will be clear and unmistakable.

The idea is to focus the eyes at a point behind the image, not on the image itself. You sort of stare into space. Many people have luck by moving close to the picture so their eyes are naturally out of focus and then moving back slowly without refocusing their eyes.

I like to simply look over the top of the image at a distant point until the picture in my peripheral vision begins to "feel" funny. Then the image simply pops out. It is often hard not to then focus directly on the image. If you do, it will be lost again.

A second method is to use the two small yellow squares on the top of the images below to get the hang of it. When you stare at the two small yellow squares screen - sort of day-dreaming with the eyes looking into a space in the far distance - the two dots seem to become three dots and the 3D image below them becomes visible.

A third method is to put a piece of glass between yourself and the image - most monitors have a glass face. If you have a light on your face you can see your reflection in the glass. Look into the eyes of your reflection with the 3D image behind it and you should see the 3D image appear.

When it does appear, you have to keep your eyes focused in the distance. If you bring them to bear on the screen the 3D image will vanish.

Here are three 3D images, two with the yellow focus squares showing simple 3D shapes and one with the star field as an animated 3D image.

Relax and stare into space.














The background makes no difference as the image is in the relationship of the dots, not on the background.


Random dot 3 D image.














Once you acquire the knack, it is quite easy to see the image and look carefully at different parts.

The following image is animated so it makes it a little easier to see the pattern.

Animated 3D starfield. Relax, let your eyes stare into space.













Try Again on the static starfield screen!

On with the crew briefing.



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