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Zero Calorie Cauldron Recipe

This variation on The Cauldron Exercise uses the metaphor to focus on the creation of thought. It zeros in on the fundamental aspects of the Thread of Awareness in Chaos, offering a clear view of mind.

Do this one in your best running ground, and do it many times. Each time you do the exercise it becomes more self-evident and rewarding. After a suitable warm-up exercise, when you are moving along through a "special" part of your walk and feel yourself glowing with power:

Contact the wind.

The wind represents all the sensory stimulation streaming through you. All the light falling on your retinas, the wind on your skin, the smells of the forest, the sounds of the trees moving in the wind, the feel of your body.

Contact the wood.

The wood represents the memories recorded within all the cells of your body. Visualize the cells of your brain, the optic nerves, the axons reaching throughout your body. Their form and movement built upon the memories locked within their molecular dance. Integrate the wind and the wood. Perceive the flame of awareness created by the integration of the wind flowing through the memories of the nervous system shaping the wind into a visual, tactile, auditory, smelling mind model of reality.

Integrate the flame and the wood and the wind. Discover the cauldron.

Contact the cauldron.

The cauldron is the focusing power of the will to survive; the will that generates perseverance and reverence. Integrate the cauldron of will with the flame of awareness, the wood of the memories within, the wind of sensations from within and without.

Contact the water.

The water represents the sea of intercommunications around you. Integrate the intercommunications with the lens of will, the flame of awareness, the wood of memories, and the wind of sensations. The will focuses awareness, creates consciousness within the sea of intercommunications. Consciousness creates order in Chaos and awareness overflows the boundaries of your will in a great flowing river of experience called The Way. Concepts flow in the stream of consciousness - words, movements, signals, shapes, tastes, sounds, textures become alive with meaning and guide you.

Focus on the concepts, the patterns of behavior in the intercommunications surrounding you, discover patterns nested within patterns. These patterns replicate themselves and by their replication your expectations become understandings within the winds of sensations and the memories and awareness within you. New memories are born and become conscious, flowing outward from you as words, art, created objects shaped by your understanding of the patterns of behavior around you.

Contact the stream of consciousness

Discover the stream of consciousness is made of words. Words flowing between us, words flowing within us, create the stream of consciousness. Follow the stream of consciousness, discover that it flows into This Magic Sea of Knowledge. This Magic Sea becomes more knowing as it learns from the endless flow of creativity blossoming as consciousness' all over the planet.

Contact This Magic Sea.

Discover it fills us with intercommunications that guides our becoming. Integrate This Magic Sea with the wind, the wood, the flame, the cauldron, the stream of consciousness. Perceive the knowledge of the planet awakening, sending forth instructions on the wind of sensations that moves through the memories of your focus and ignites your awareness.

Let the intercommunications from This Magic Sea adjust the focus of the lens of your will.

The world about you becomes even more creative, more beautiful.

Life becomes a play of miracles as consciousness awakens from chaos.

As you move swiftly through nature you will become vitally aware of the consciousness of our planet. Flowing through you.

Join me on the Magic Mountain in the Baie de Prony, New Caledonia where this exercise leads to some interesting revelations.

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