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Autohypnosis Exercise 2


Autohypnosis focal point. Center on the screen and begin your exercise. Click to hear a general relaxation example.


An effective way to do autohypnosis is to record the session and then play it back so you can listen and relax more.

Follow the instructions for exercise 1, and then put on some soft non-vocal background music (or environmental sound like rain, a river flowing, or surf) and record the session.

The session should last for about 40 minutes, so take your time, speak slowly, clearly, and softly.

Tell yourself everything you need to hear.

If you download the Thread of Awareness CD, you can hear an example   I recorded it while sitting on a rock in the middle of the river at Baie du Prony, New Caledonia. You can hear the relaxing sound of the river in the background.



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