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Love experience

There are those for whom love is an abstraction, learned and instructed, bought and sold. Love of Nature, Love of God, Love of Sex, Love of Self available from select dealers in books, videos, CDs, dramas, or lectures.

But love is not an abstraction, and is not available second hand. Love is like eating, like seeing, like an orgasm, like understanding. Words can never convey the satisfaction of eating, the wonder of sight, the bliss of an orgasm, the satisfaction of knowing.

Love pales in memory, is foolish dressed in words, becomes comical in pictures, spoils when traded, bought or sold. Love is only in the experience, exists only in the living, in the sharing, in the sweet moment of revelation.

Love comes with special rewards, a deep inner feeling we can only experience and gloss with words like pleasure, bliss, wonder, ecstasy.

Some love comes easily, as easy as eating, or seeing. These gratifications are only made large and wonderful after starvation or blindness. Or when magnified by the greater forms of love.

During sexual love, all our senses are heightened and our gratification is large and beautiful and intense.

Love of God and love of nature are special gratifications. They do not come to everyone. But like sexual love, love of God and love of His works, comes as a unique life experience. As with romantic love, we can be guided and helped to achieve this feeling. But like an orgasm is a personal, real event, so spiritual rapture is a unique, indescribable experience.

But what IS love? What does it feel like? Is it like hunger? Is it sexual attraction? Joy or pain or both at the same time? A hormonal brew? A host of mental and physical events derive from love, for it is one of the primary facets of the Thread of Awareness in Chaos.

The deeper essence of love is seen within the Om Mani Padma Hum exercise. The exercises don't work unless you truly link the whole range of meanings with the words. And although the thread of awareness is a process and all facets are present everywhere, Love is closest in meaning to Om. The coming together, the vortex into being. To inhibit this flow is to generate desire (as the breath test shows), a desperate wanting, a need unfulfilled. And when it is accomplished, when the flow comes into the center of you, the result is joy. Then peace as the love changes your pathway into the future, and harmony as you observe it working, bearing fruit that will survive through time.

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