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The Thread of Awareness and Mythology

Yin/Yang and Tau and the Thread of Awareness

Yin/Yang and Tau, once you understand the concepts, sounds a lot like the process of the Thread of Awareness.

Why not stick with Yang/Yin and Tau?

Because this is English, not Chinese, and we are having a fresh look at the phenomena without the encrustation of 2000 years of doctrine. We've learned a few things since the Chinese philosophers first discovered polarity.

The Chinese philosophers erroneously decided the mysterious world of Yin, like the European concept of higher dimensions, was totally different than the material world of Yang. Even though the Yin and Yang communicate with each other through Tau.

Both Eastern and Western philosophers tended to box up whatever they did not understand, but knew only through its behavior, and give it a name: Yin, Higher Dimensions, Heaven, or something similar. The focus of Yin became some unseen world, not unlike Plato's world of Ideals.

The original meaning of the word Yin was much more to the point. It simply meant the shaded side of a mountain, something we don't perceive. Yin, according to this meaning, isn't some "other world" but the parts of the web of communications beyond our ability, at present, to perceive.

Tau, Yin, and Yang are conditions creating each other, one unitary thread of awareness. And the process is this:

What we don't know surprises us and our surprise creates awareness.

Tibetan Mysticism and The Thread of Awareness in Chaos

Yin/Yang and Tau are a recycled view of Om Mani Padma Hum, which is older than polarity and even more like the thread of awareness process.

Both of these doctrines were insightful, but their proponents had no idea they were made of cells. They knew nothing about DNA, or how the brain works. They did not know the sun was a star, or that they were rushing through space at the square root of the speed of light while the elements of earth (which they didn't know about either) rushed through the focus of their being.

These new perceptions came from our vastly increased powers of observation. The shadowed world of Yin is receding fast.

Our ability to expand the horizons of our perceptions shifts the focus of what we do know from what we don't know  from metaphysics to biology.

Christianity and the Thread of Awareness in Chaos

Christianity also has the same elements. To be is God. To Change is Jesus. To Have Direction is The Holy Spirit. The Observer is you seeking Jesus.

Also, followers of Christ, Buddha and Confucius - especially the leaders - tend to be a bit dogmatic and overly complex for my taste. Who has time to learn all those ancient names and why bother if we are talking about something that butterflies can do without speaking very much of a language at all. One nice thing about Christianity is that you only have to learn/do one single thing - love Jesus and accept him as your savior - and he will guide you. I'm not kidding. If you have not tried it, you should. Makes the I Ching obsolete. Anybody at all can do it, too, with no more training than simply opening up their heart to Jesus. 

And all the other threads of awareness mythologies

Not to forget the Moirae, The Three Sisters, who spin the thread of life, measure how long it will be, and give direction to it by cutting it off.

Rune stones and the Tarot also offer portals into the "higher dimensions" and they always seem to work well for me, as does the I Ching, or communing with multidimensional Beings or Christ, or whatever else I try (even whales).  

Some people freak out when portals open into higher levels of awareness and rarely try other portals. I've tried lots of them and they all seem to produce their own miracles, synchronicities, and so on. My Inner Self, the Child Within, Lefty, accepts them all quite happily. Me, too.

It makes no difference at all if I measure my course using nautical miles or kilometers or if I determine the pressure of the atmosphere using millibars or hectapascals. Whatever system of measurement we devise is OK so long as it works for the intended purpose.