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The Pendulum's Reply

The Kamtorus fractal by Peter Moreland.


The mind looking out of the left eye, although reasonably well connected with the one looking out of the right eye, can't actually speak directly to your conscious mind - except in dreams, poems, music, and sometimes emotions.

Assuming it might know more about relationships than your conscious mind, assuming it is not confused by the bits and can focus better on the flow, you can sometimes benefit by asking it simple questions and allowing it to respond.

Freddy demonstrates how the pendulum works, getting a resounding yes to whatever question she asked it.

One of the oldest and easiest methods to contact the inner mind is the pendulum.

Sit comfortably at a table, with  your elbow resting on it as shown.

Dangle a pendulum from your tips of your thumb and forefinger over the center of the Pendulum Way Diagram.

You can print the diagram out by clicking here and then printing from your browser.

Concentrate on a question that can be answered by yes or no. Your inner mind (or higher self, or other hemisphere, or whatever you like to think of it) has 5 possible replies.

  1. Yes (the pendulum swings to and away from you),

  2. No (side to side),

  3. I don't know (counter clockwise),

  4. Rephrase the question (clockwise),

  5. I won't say anything (it does not move at all).


  • To start with, use a paper with the choices printed on it so you (and the other half) can see what is happening. Click here to go to a page with the diagram and print it right from your browser.

  • You can use anything for a pendulum weight, a ring, pendant, or crystal. It works best if you feel an emotional attachment to it. You have to like whatever it is, feel good about it. If in doubt, try several items and use the one that works best for you.

  • The thread or chain holding the weight should be long enough to let you hang it about 20-mm (just under an inch) or less over the diagram. The thread or chain must be thin and flexible.

  • Use whichever hand feels correct  to you, just be comfortable. It does not work well on a pitching boat or car or in a strong wind.

  • Ask the question and simply observe the pendulum and see what it does. Let the pendulum move all by itself. Avoid trying to influence the result in any way. There will be no mistaking the replies. Usually the pendulum will follow the pattern with amazing regularity. It will answer the questions promptly, changing directions faster and more smoothly than if you tried to do it conscioulsy. If it is hesitant or wavering or sloppy, the chances are your conscious mind is mucking it up. Let go.

  • Start with easy questions that you already know the answer to until you feel it is working well and easily. Once your inner mind gets the idea, you won't have to coax it to answer. Let it practice a bit.

  • Don't go buying stocks or betting on horses based on its replies. Unless, that is, you are a professional in that area to start with and it has that kind of information available. In this case you are simply conversing with that part of you that has always supplied you with "hunches" or "intuition" and you can rely on the answers as well as you can on those other modes of its expression.

The idea is to get to know the part of your mind that does not speak.  It can surprise you with what it knows and it often knows things "you" don't. However, there is no reason it might not lie to you, or say what it thinks you want to hear. Be very very nice to the inner voice. Treat it like an exceedingly good friend, your very best friend, let it know you rely on it to give helpful, but honest answers. Observe it's replies without judgement calls. It would not be smart, for example, to call it a liar. If it is not telling you what you think is true (or even what you know is true) it is still giving you the answer that it feels is best.

You can ask it whatever you like but try not to get too heavy until you get to know each other very well.


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