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What Is the Thread of Awareness in Chaos?

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The thread of awareness weaves the complex web of life on our planet.

It is not one strand but many, derived from a single ancient awareness, divided again and again into all the living beings of our world. You, a multicelled being, will die as will all the cells of your body save those that leave you to become your children. But for now, right now, while you live, the thread of awareness that creates your moment to moment appearance is unbroken between you and the birth of awareness on Earth more than 3.5 billion years ago.

All living beings are created from the same beginning and have never died. We are each and all the leading edge of the thread of awareness as it moves through chaos. What you observe around you, your language, society, all the other living creatures and the extended ecosystems we create together, are what awareness has learned to become. The atoms now forming our planet and all the creatures on it are the same atoms that existed when the world began. Life itself has altered the relationships and movements of these atoms into the world as we know it.

The thread of awareness is a developmental, non-linear process. It appears as information is exchanged between focal points of being. The intercommunications within one communication web create the emergence of a larger communication web that then controls the future content flowing through the first communication web. For example, cells communicate to form you - body and mind - and you control the content flowing through their communication web by deciding where to go and what to do.

The Thread of Awareness is the flow of communications through all the discrete  languages of organic molecules, bacteria, cells, multicellular creatures, societies, ecosystems, biosphere. Life creates itself. Learns new ways to perceive, remember, respond, observe. Re-creates itself.

Life is thought made visible.

Fractal simulation of DNA

There are two vectors of communications. A being communicates with itself through time, establishing an estimate of what it expects to happen next. If the expectation is violated, the being becomes aware. This process repeats itself through all layers of being, with complex filters of assessment and judgement helping to improve the communications through time.

Each being also communicates with other beings that exist within the same intervals of awareness. This process generates a different KIND of awareness, where beings share in the process of estimating what will happen next and then share in the discovery of errors in these expectations. This second form of awareness is called consciousness (literally, to know together).

Awareness creates the thread of beings through time. Consciousness weaves the threads of awareness into larger, more complex associations of beings that then generate their own thread of awareness.

The vast spiral molecule of DNA that lies at the heart of all living beings is itself the perfect manifestation of the thread of awareness - long, winding, repeating its pattern with slight variations again and again.

DNA appears as billions of atoms of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and phosphorous flash through the focus of its twisting, unwinding and rewinding self. It is split into two complementary strands, each one a mirror of the other. Each of the two matched (but not identical) threads of constantly shifting atoms communicate along their own strands through time - seeking, for example, a needed atom or molecule. If the need is not met, or if an unexpected molecule or event happens, the strand will respond. The two strands also communicate with each other, generating consciousness at the most basic level of life. The two strands are maintained and replicated by the communications that flow between them and between the DNA and other living molecules of the being. This exchange, this process of unwinding to communicate with other organic molecules, creates the larger communication web that we call a living bacterium.

A bacterium communicates with itself through time, generating its own awareness - an awareness completely different than that of the DNA. Bacteria communicate with each other in a heated exchange of messenger molecules and the consciousness thus generated creates the appearance of a cell.

Each level has its own "language" and each language evolves from and helps guide the evolution of its predecessor. Each level is, therefore, transparent to all of the internal and external environmental information that flows through all levels.

The flow of information, segmented into digital signals and specialized languages, unites all the layers of becoming into one web of communications. The recognition events during the transformation of  analog environmental information into digital signals, creates, and is created by, the progress of the thread of awareness in chaos.