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Tree Fountain

Trees pump water from the ground into the air, like a fountain.



Find a small tree with a smooth, thin bark. See if you can locate a live tree and a dead tree of the same species close together.

Even better if a tree has a live branch and dead branch.








You can easily feel the difference between a dead and a live tree.Put your hand on the live branch or trunk. Close your eyes and feel the coolness caused by the flow of water through the tree.

Visualize the water as it rises up in the center and down on the outside of the tree trunk or branch, just under the bark.

Realize the flow and  the coolness are different aspects of the same event, part of the central axis of the torus.

Image your hand just touching the surface of a smoothly flowing stream. Let your mind follow the flow of water up into the tree branches and back downwards into the earth. 

Now put the same hand on the dead branch or trunk.

Feel the difference.

Focus on your own feelings as you explore the sensations you receive from your hand.

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