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Autohypnosis Exercise 1

How to Do it

If you can't take a course from a reputable professional, you can begin using the following self-programming process.

  1. Fashion your suggestion. It must be

    • positive, with no negative words.

    • short, between 6 and 15 words.

    • meaningful, this is what you really want to happen.

    • possible, something you can achieve. Avoid absolutes and time limits.

    • focused, tackle one suggestion at a time, not a laundry list of wishes. You might double up on suggestions if they are complementary. For example "Every day I am healthier and happier," combines health and happiness. And they are clearly related to each other - if you are healthier, you are going to be happier and the other way around.

  2. Write it down on a piece of paper

    • in clear, legible handwriting.

    • Write your suggestion as if you were writing to your best friend or your love.

    • Concentrate and write slowly thinking about the meaning of the words as you write each of them.

  3. Find a place where you can relax and be by yourself to do the programming. You might put on some of your favorite (non-vocal) music in the background. You should begin by doing the programming three times a day;

    • When you wake up in the morning - as soon as possible after awakening.

    • In the middle of the day, best just after lunch if you can find a time and place where you will be left alone and quiet.

    • Just before going to sleep at night

  4. Read the Message to yourself

    • If you can say it out loud, all the better.

    • Listen carefully to yourself, and to your words.

    • Think clearly about their meaning.

  5. Sit or lie comfortably, Find something to look at, something to focus on.

  6. Take three deep breaths.

    • Letting yourself relax all over.
    • Feel all the stress and tension leaving your body with each exhalation.
    • Breathe in calm
    • Breathe out tension.
  7. Close your eyes and hold the last breath for at least 10 seconds then slowly let it all out, letting all the tension in all of your muscles flow outward with that last exhalation. 

  8. Now you are very relaxed, and breathing evenly and smoothly, and you begin to count backwards from 5 to 1. As you count you feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper with each and every breath you take, with every number you count.

  9. When you reach the count of 1, feel yourself drop quickly and deeply into a very comfortable and relaxed state of mind.

  10. Now begin to say, in your mind, not out loud, the words you wish to program into your subconscious.

    • Repeat this phrase 20 times.

    • To help you keep count, each time you say the phrase, move the tip of a finger to the tip of your thumb. Start with the index finger of the right hand. Move it to the tip of the thumb of the right hand and say the phrase. Then touch the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the thumb and say the phrase again. Then the ring finger, then the little finger and open the right hand on the fifth count. Repeat this with the left hand then start all over again to complete the twenty repetitions.

    • Don't hurry. Go slow. Go deep. After you have mastered the process, it becomes automatic and you don't have to pay too much attention to either the hand movements or the words themselves. This might take a few days.

  11. As you improve, begin to focus on relaxing deeper and deeper, drifting away, just letting yourself completely relax. You can hear your own words in your mind and soon you will find you can think other things at the same time you are saying the words you have memorized and repeated so many times.

  12. Don't hasten this process, just take your time, you might do this for a week or two before you feel comfortable with the next stage. When you find yourself able to think of other things, begin to parallel the suggestion with the following thoughts:

    • "Each and every word you hear me say takes you deeper and deeper into a very beneficial state of relaxation."

    • "You can hear my words giving you suggestions, these suggestions will make your life better and happier."

    • "Each and every time I do this exercise the effect is stronger and more beneficial. The suggestion is helping improve my life more and more as I move deeper and deeper during the exercises."

  13. Stay with the same phrase for a lunar cycle, starting the week before the full moon and ending on the week after the full moon. Then forget about it for one week. On the dark of the new moon, begin again and continue for another week.

The Second Exercise has a autohypnosis focal-point to play with.


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