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Onederment and the Observer

From time to time we all have brief moments when we transcend our conscious mind, our unconscious mind and even the higher self and become for a moment an observer staring in absolute wonder at the world.

These moments of perception blend our experience with a  joyous realization that in a very real way, our thread of awareness expands to everything we see.

In these moments, we combine, see together, and can observe directly the meaning of unity and wonder; onederment.

It is a strange somehow delightful feeling to be unconnected to yourself, out there afloat in the vast oceans of wisdom.

On my way here to my sacred place this morning, I could not remember what it was I was thinking about yesterday. I could remember I had experienced something interesting. And gradually I realized that my failure to remember was not like a dream the conscious mind could not remember when I awaken. It was not like the higher self speaking thoughts too complex for the conscious mind to recall. It was another part of me entirely. It was the observer that had been speaking. And the conscious mind could not remember what it said because conversations with the observer are different in kind from an ego-rational talk.

While the conscious mind is capable of recognizing the words used by the observer, it is not capable of generating the thoughts. And often, unless the words are recorded, the conscious mind is not capable of remembering the thoughts.

Standing here, on this enormous rock, overlooking the ocean filled valley below, I realize that this is an important understanding. The observer messages passed on to the ego beings of this planet are frequently listened to in Awe and forgotten about almost immediately. Observers can explain about interrelationships, as   Buckminster Fuller explained synergetics. The people who listen can understand the observer while the words are being spoken. They realize they are hearing something vital, important, deep. But later on, if those people try to say what was said that was so fascinating and important, they find themselves tongue tied, ego tied, unable to repeat these truths.

I realized I would only remember what my observer self had thought about yesterday if I became the observer again. As I did this, the very first thing that emerged was the observation that I had been thinking about long-term consensus planning. How communities modify their behavior patterns. Then the word Onederment popped into view and I recalled the entire conversation quite easily. I was again my observer self.

When one becomes an observer and experiences wonder, and self-connects into the great fund of deeper understandings, the experience and the thoughts do not carry over automatically to either the unconscious or the ego conscious minds.

We experience wonder and we remember that, but the vast realms of understanding revealed by pushing back the mists of mystery fog up again the moment we begin thinking and acting with our conscious minds. More or less in the same way the conscious mind flounders around remembering a dream. It seldom gets more than a vague recollection of what the dream was about.

As a result of our inability to remember what was so obvious to the observer, we do not modify our actual behavior patterns or habits of dealing with our society linked issues. The conclusions I reached yesterday were lost in the everyday world of working, shopping, schedules, meetings, phone calls, friendships.

So when we go to a lecture or see a dramatic presentation or have a great vision of importance about how we should modify our behavior to improve our personal or communal environment it generates serious resolves, vows, even legislation. All   promptly ignored by all concerned. Until, somehow, the ideas or resolutions become integrated with the society's behavior patterns.

The observer is a basic part of us all, but becomes conscious on its own, at special times.

You can improve your relations with your own observer self by doing the  observer exercise.