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Creating an Observer to Keep Watch

How would you like to improve your conscious relationship with your inner observer? Have it help you keep track of what your deeper, inner mind is up to? The major objective of these experiments is to enhance your ability to perceive your own thread of awareness. It will help if your observer self is set to monitor your inner reactions to the experiments. And perhaps even guide you through them.


The Observer is an integral part of the 4-phase process generating the Thread of Awareness in Chaos.

We each have our own observer and this facet of our becoming has derivatives within the multiple personas in our web of communications.

Usually, we set these up in early childhood. By the time we get old enough to think about who and what we are, they are quietly part of us. There is a little child in you (still) that behaves like a 4 year old from time to time when somebody pushes your buttons. That child is likely to emerge the minute something wondrous happens. It is, in fact, right there waiting for something wondrous to happen right now. We add to these personas unconsciously, when we need to. Marriage will create still another persona as will being a parent or a professional.

There are also a host of other roles you assume for special occasions. When these are in command, they are really in command and are "you." No point in giving them names, like Ego and Id, higher self, and all that. There are as many or as few as you decide you need.

Most of us are also inhabited by beings that are not of our own making, but are creations of populations of people acting in concert. 

  • Guardians of Light and Multi Dimensional Beings are a favorite of new agers.

  • Jesus is hugely popular, more traditional observer many people invite into their communication web.

  • Totems, normally animal spirits, that inhabit them (invited or not) are common inhabitants of Aborigines, Maori, Solomon Islanders, Ni-Vanuatus, and American Indians.

These beings and spirits play important roles in the communication webs of the people who adopt them. They are real concepts and have true substance within human communication webs. Usually, these beings are guardians of one sort or another, although destructive ones are about equal in number (for symmetrical reasons).

Chances are you already have a guardian being of some sort as they normally inhabit us in early in life. So when adding in another entity it has to be compatible with existing ones.

The role of your New Observer

The observer will monitor whatever you tell it to monitor. In the all of the exercises of the Thread of Awareness Web you need to do more than one thing, mentally, at the same time.

One of the elements of this mental balancing act is to keep track of how you feel, what is happening inside, how your mind is responding, to the exercises. To sit aside and simply observe without judgement, without emotion, just watching quietly from the sidelines.

You may already have such a being and may have noticed it during times of stress - when suddenly you were apart from the action, simply watching what was going on as if it was not really happening to you. In that case, giving it a sharper identity will improve your ability to access and use your observer.

Actually, all you need to do is open up your senses and discover the observer within. It's up to you. You can either open up your senses and discover the observer within or sit down and design one to suit your needs and simply program it in. Either way will work just fine and you might as well do both.

The observer does not take sides. All the many different parts of your mixed up being can rely on the observer as an impartial witness - not as a judge or jury or commentator or supporter or victim.

Creating the new Observer.

  1. The Observer you put in place is part of YOU, not a higher guardian that has a separate reality, but a part of your own mind, set aside to improve your ability to communicate with the larger webs of communications - including any community based guardians you might be attached to.

  2. Decide on a name for the observer. (Mine is simply the observer, but you can be as creative as you like).

  3. Decorate your observer with an image (whatever you like it to be, from a crystal to a being of pink light to a robot or an angel or a leprechaun). I hasten to add that whatever image you give the Observer is not meaningless, so be damned careful it will be something you are not going to want to change later. You can - I mean it is possible - sometimes to get rid of these characters once installed but don't count on it.

  4. Make a list of characteristics it should adhere to (do this interactively, asking the observer to give you suggestions - as in a friendly interview with the being you are defining). You get to edit these characteristics, however. The observer works for you. Make sure, as in the exercise on self programming, the characteristics are all positive, good words. (No negative words like don't, not, no, bad, argue, anger). Check the list carefully to be SURE the words are positive.
    This list is the observer's terms of reference. You can add to the list but it will be hard to delete any items so be careful what you ask it to do.

  5. Read the terms of reference aloud, thinking about each one deeply. Do this for a minimum of three days, three times a day (early morning when you first wake up, some time during the day, and at night just before going to sleep) . When you read, think of yourself reading the list to the observer, who is sitting with you.  You might want to read the list where you can look up and into a mirror as if you were reading the list to being who is looking out of the eyes in the mirror.

  6. For the next three days, when you pick up the list and look at it, let  the observer read the list back to you, mentally. Visualize this as clearly as you can. The newly formed observer will be repeating its terms of reference from the list comes right into your mind, without sound, an internal communication. Listen carefully for any errors or hesitations. If there is a problem, think about why the observer might want to vary the terms of reference.

  7. On the seventh day, begin letting the observer provide you with information on your other exercises, especially outdoors. When this process works well, the observer will seem like another being. Non judgmental, extremely wise, providing you with information you probably would never have noticed with your normal conscious mind.

  8. When the observer does a good job, be joyful and appreciative. The observer enjoys the reward of appreciation. Myself, I hold my observer self in positive awe.

If you are blessed with an active imagination you can probably manage to actually see and speak with the observer (like you can talk to the child within via any mirror). Hey, don't hesitate, your inner beings are your creative assets.

It is a good idea, however, to be absolutely sure you realize they are all you and that one of you is more or less in charge. Or, if you don't like authority, read up on being a facilitator and make yourself (I mean the one who is the most mature of the bunch) the facilitator for the rest.

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