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Mirror of Time

Dr. Walter A. Starck III, inspecting his necklace in Moira's Mirror.

This is an interesting exercise to see through time; into the future and into the past. It will sharpen your perspective of dimensions.

You need a mirror. Preferably a mirror that you have looked in before and expect to look in again sometime.

For background on my own experiences at this, check out the experience in the Bateau Chateau in Sydney. And the earlier experience in Cairns, Queensland.

Here's the experiment:

Can you see though time?

Can you see through the fourth dimension?

Can you see yourself in two dimensions if you look at a mirror? As the flat image on the back of that glass?

Can you see yourself in three dimensions, so the background looks far behind you and you are an image somewhere between the glass mirror and the wall behind you?

Can you see through the forth dimension to see your own behavior?

Can you see the thread of awareness that brings you through time if you look through the pupils of your own eyes through any mirror, anywhere at all?

When you look in a mirror you see yourself looking back.

Look carefully. You need to look in a special way, like looking at those stereoscopic images made with lots of dots when something pops out at you in three dimensions. Here's how to do it.

  1. Look at the mirror and see it as a two dimensional plane. It is, you know, an aluminized two dimensional surface on the back of a piece of flat glass. Concentrate until you can clearly see that you are looking at a flat two dimensional surface. Like a photograph of yourself glued onto the glass.

  2. Now shift your way of looking at the mirror and notice whatever is behind you in the room. Look at the backdrop behind you. You know it's the wall (or whatever) that is actually behind where you stand. You know the wall is really there and you can see, in the mirror, that you are somewhere between the two dimensional mirror surface and that wall. Move your head slightly. You clearly see that three dimensional, moving image of reality and know it is yourself standing in the room. The same image in the same mirror is now a 3D representation of you and the room. Not a two dimensional plane, but a representation of a three dimensional reality.

  3. Look into the pupils of your eyes. You know, instantly and powerfully,  there is an awareness there. Look deep into the pupils of your eyes. Look into the left pupil. Now shift and look into the right pupil. Now look into both together. Feel the awareness there. It's not two dimensional or three dimensional, it's something else entirely. The awareness is not on the back of that glass, it's a reflection. It's a reflection of some being, some one, and that being is me (no not ME, but when you do the exercise the awareness looking out of those eyes will definitely have the name me).

  4. Think, or say if you are alone:

  • I have looked into this mirror before. Right into my own pupils, just like this.

  • That reflection is the same reflection of the same me. That's me I see in there. And that me is the same me I see if I stand in front of any mirror. No matter where I go or when I look, it is me I see.

  • I looked into a mirror last year and saw me. The me I am looking at now, a year later, is still me, but now I am made of entirely new atoms. I have a new skin. Every atom in my eyes, in those pupils, is different. But the awareness I see in my eyes is still me.

  • I looked into a mirror when I was a very small child and I saw me. I am older now, with new memories and new atoms, but it is still me I see.

The one who stays the same

There is something about that being half way between the glass and the other wall, there is something about that being that does not change. It has been the same being since it was just a little tiny child, just discovering what a reflection in a mirror was. How many times, over how many years, in how many places have I seen that reflection? I look into my eyes and know, that while I see an older person there, it is still the same being, the same being that first looked into a mirror many years ago. And if I can say that, isn't it true? And is this not a perception through time?

Through time?

Imagine there is another mirror at just the right angle so you could see yourself looking into your eyes but from a different perspective, as if you were somewhere else in the room seeing yourself and your mirror image together.

  • Shift your internal perspective so that you see yourself from behind, as if there was a mirror behind you too.

  • Change the angle to see yourself from the ceiling, and then from the side, and from in front of the real you, near the mirror; visualizing yourself from more and more angles and directions until finally you are able to see yourself from every angle of the room all at the same time.

  • And one of those angles is the reflection from the mirror looking back into your own eyes.

Like looking at those stereoscopic images made of dots, you shift your mental focus, and suddenly the image is there. 

You are not seeing a two dimensional reflection, you see mind, seeing itself through time. 

You see life, as thought made visible. You see the image at the focus of awareness as sunlight flows through the lens of mind.

When you are able to do this experiment successfully, you will be experiencing the thread of awareness.

Can you see though time?

You know you can look into the eyes of the past through the mirrored reflection. You can see the same child within you that looked into a mirror many years ago.

Can you reach out through time and hold on to yourself in the past, when you were little, and bring yourself forward and say, this is the way, this is the way to go?

Can you see your younger mind within your eyes?

Can you bring it toward you? 

There are times when that being in those eyes knows you are there ahead in time. Perhaps a glimpse, through a magic mirror in time, a reflection from the surface of this magic sea.

That being in those eyes has seen you in the future and asks, help me, pull me along, guide me.

Ask yourself now. You know that you can repeat this experiment again, whenever you want. You can look back in time to now, to this very moment, perhaps even in this same room with this same mirror and see through time again. Are you willing to guide yourself through time? To lend a helping hand?

Go on, do it, look deep into those eyes in the mirror seeking the future you.

See yourself there in the mirror as your elder, and reach out your hand, come together willingly through time.

Look into those eyes and say,

"I am you, younger and you are I, older and we are us now a being together. Guide me, help me, show me the way, lend me a hand."

Later, whenever you like, do the experiment again and recall yourself asking for guidance. Then, when you see the eyes of that being asking you for guidance, you will realize that you actually can provide the guidance. You have provided the guidance. And you can say to the reflection of yourself in the past, you're doing it right my friend, just keep it up. You are doing it right.

And then seek out the you of the future again and say,

"I am you, younger and you are I, older and we are us now a being together.   Guide me, help me, show me the way, lend me a hand."

You will be amazed at the depth of the reflection that is available from an ordinary mirror.

That's it for now on the indoor exercises. I hope you enjoyed them and have had some success in finding the Thread of Awareness.

Do the Time Cross Experiment

If you have been doing the outdoor exercises as well, I am sure you have had some revealing experiences with the threads of the Moirae. Now lets do another time exercise on the road to Cottage Point. Just follow the thread of the Moirae below to hyperlink there.

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