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Is what I say

This is a mantra, repeated over and over as you do Richard's Three Step. The Mantra deals with the links between the language mind, our deeper emotional self, our actions, and our physical state. And lots more.

It goes round and around:

is what I say     is what I feel    is what I do    is what I am


Mix up the sequence of the phrases any way you like, and think about how the connections and meanings  change when you alter the sequence. Alter the emphasis, too, coming down hard on am or do or feel or say, and think about how the meaning changes.

Like all mantras, you are supposed to focus on the meaning of the words when thinking them. When you think the word "say" you think about speaking, the things you say. And so on. It will help if you have gone cruising in This Magic Sea, investigating such things as consciousness, mind, and related ideas.

Each phrase takes three steps (one inhalation or exhalation).

If you are alone, try saying this one out loud and listening to yourself. Have your observer oversee your activity to report on the various feelings associated with these phrases.

If, after doing this for 10 or 15 minutes,  you feel you have "lost the thread" challenge your brain by linking the words with the Yin Yang exercise. Link the Yang with outward phrases (say, do) and Yin with the inward phrases (feel, am). Focus on saying the words and overlaying them with yin and yang while keeping step. Follow the associations that come with the polarization of the control systems.

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