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The Thread of Awarenss in Chaos is a Sensory Treasure. A golden coin from an ancient ship submerged in This Magic Sea.

Experiencing The Thread of Awareness in Chaos

You can directly experience the thread of awareness. It is the core event of awareness. Our emotions, consciousness, perceptions, memories, genetic heritage, and responses are all built from and around this central core. You can perceive it as clearly as you can perceive its derivations, like pain or joy or sight.

The objective of the exercises and experiments in The Thread of Awareness is to move your conscious mind into a position to observe this core event. This is the ultimate in recursive thought. Reflection of the deepest kind. Observing the Thread of Awareness is similar to observing any deeply important part of your mind. Like the experience of an orgasm, it can be nice, fabulous, or earth shaking. You forget what it was like, exactly, afterwards. You don't always have one. It's easier when things are all working in harmony and you are in good physical condition. And so on. But it's not like an orgasm of the mind, I just used that as an example of how fickle and yet exciting the experience can be.

It helps to do some warm up exercises first. Who knows, you may try a sensory yawn and powee, there you have it. Some people get it right away. Try the hand experiment, learn Richard's Three Step and the yin/yang walking adventure. When you do the exercises you put yourself in the right situations to experience, at some level, the Thread of Awareness.

Just what IS the thread of awareness in chaos?

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