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Tracking the Thread of Awareness in the Great Inside

You are most likely going to snag the Thread of Awareness outdoors, but there are lots of good exercises you can do anywhere, inside or outside. Some are good training, others are active ingredients for reaching the goal of full on experience of the Thread of Awareness. Most of them you can do immediately, right now.

These are developmental exercises. Some will require being very familiar with the first stages before you can advance to the next. The exercises will explain what experience you'll need before you can do them.

If you follow the thread of the Moirae, on the bottom of each exercise, you'll progress more or less in order, like a training course. The program starts with the Hand Experiment.

Did you read the 10 tips for getting the most from the exercises?


Mind Navigation Tools

Messing about with time (Requires Mind Navigation Tools)

Notes and Comments on the exercises